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Craig Capurso's

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Christian Husband & Father, 

Coach & Co-Founder Metron, 

Gym Owner, Podcaster, 

Fitness Model, & Author...

Christian Husband & Father, Coach & Co-Founder of Metron, 

Gym Owner, Podcaster, Fitness Model, & Author...

The Battle Plan Brotherhood

A Training Group For Men Looking To Level Up Their Lives by 

Dropping Body Fat, Building Muscle, & Becoming The Hero In Their Circle of Influence

Not Seeing Results Fast Enough, 

Bored With Training

Start Here...

Serious Inquires Only 

Craig Capurso's Fit For Life Battle Plan

All Access Bundle

Not Seeing Results Fast Enough, Bored With Training

Start Here...

Not Seeing Results Fast Enough, 

Bored With Training

Start Here...

14 Day Free Trial!

Craig Capurso's Fit For Life Battle Plan

1 on 1 Online Training

Support Calls, Text, and Weekly Check-ins

1 on 1 is the way...

Craig Capurso 1 on 1 Learn More

30 Days Out 

Extreme Cut Trainer

30 Days Out - Extreme Cut Trainer

I walk you through every step...

Let's Dial It In!

Free For a Limited Time...

Craig Capurso's 30 Days Out Extreme Cut Trainer

Remote Coaching

Get to your goals without the guesswork.

We tell you exactly what to do when it comes to eating and training.

We also provide you with the most crucial part missing in most do-it-yourself programming: Support, Community, and the knowledge to make adjustments when things slow down.

Listen To My Podcast! My Battle Plan

Faith, Fitness, Family, & Freedom

Want Me To Speak At Your Event?

Inquiries Email -

Fitness Coach!

Use the same software I use to deliver my programming...

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Gym Accessories & Recommended Supplements...

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